Minerals & Energy Solutions

ICAMPS acts as a representative for suppliers of minerals and coal; ICAMPS is not a trading house.  We help suppliers maximize their competitive advantage by marketing their products to a variety of reputable and reliable customers.  ICAMPS is committed to offering professional and expert services and advice to industrial consumers/end users of coal, coke and minerals.

Reasons why you should engage ICAMPS for your procurement or product-marketing needs:

  • Simplify your marketing or procurement process and free-up management.
  • Draw on our excellent connections in the coal and steel industries,  internationally.
  • Help protect against country and company risk by using our in-depth local knowledge and analysis.
  • Optimise your raw-material purchase or supply strategy with our specialised approaches.
  • Create and sustain strong communication channels with customers.
  • Work with top engineers and scientists who understand your business.

We have expertise in the following materials:

  • Thermal coal
  • Semi-soft coal
  • Coking coal
  • Anthracite
  • PCI
  • Metallurgical Coke
  • Foundry Coke
  • Pelletised iron ore
  • Iron ore concentrate
  • Scrap iron

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